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  • Cleaning Pipes

    Cleaning Pipes

    Flowjet equipment is used if normal pipe cleaning systems fail with muddy, rusted, crusted and blocked, and particularly very tough deposits pipe cleaning solutions by Flowjet will remo

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  • Removal Old Paints

    Removal Old Paints

    It doesn't matter whether it is a dispersion, synthetic resin, chlorinated rubber, polyurethane or epoxy resin coating Flowjet high pressure cleaners remove all old coverings with pure w

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  • Removal Corrosion

    Removal Corrosion

    That which was still regarded as impossible a few years ago has become possible today by the use of Flowjet water jetting technology. using just water without blast medium steel surfaces are de-r

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  • Cleaning Tanks

    Cleaning Tanks

    the choice of the correct internal or external cleaning system for tanks is strongly dependent on the degree of contamination. here we are confronted with the most varied of problems with our ind

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  • Cleaning Steel Surfaces

    Cleaning Steel Surfaces

    Cleaning, de-greasing and even de-scaling is possible quite simply using pure water. high demands are placed on the equipment and nozzle technology by continuous industrial operation. this is exactly

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  • Cleaning Heat Exchangers

    Cleaning Heat Exchangers

    Heat exchangers are involved in virtually all chemical and thermal processes throughout the world. as a result of the high throughput rates and problematic materials involved, they need to be cle

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